When a member of your family dies in an accident or as the result of someone’s negligence, what can you do?

Well, there is quite a lot you can do through the filing of a “wrongful death” lawsuit. A relative or immediate family member is entitled to bring a lawsuit in order to obtain compensation for a loved one’s wrongful death. For example, if your spouse is killed in a car wreck, as the survivor, you can bring a lawsuit for his or her wrongful death against the person or corporation whose negligence caused the death. You are entitled to recover wrongful death damages for that person’s life as well as any damages you yourself sustain. Or perhaps your loved was given a pharmaceutical medication that was supposed to help them but instead caused their death due to an adverse reaction or even a hazard that the drug company did not warn about.

We often see these types of wrongful death cases in the context of a catastrophic accident, such as a plane crash, but they happen much more frequently on our streets and roads due to driver inattentiveness, speeding, and impaired drivers. Quite common is when a tractor-trailer plows into an innocent driver tragically killing them.

At Campbell & Associates, we do everything legally possible to work up your wrongful death case and pursue your rights to compensation for the loss of a loved one. These types of cases are often very time intensive and may require significant investigation, research, and litigation. We do that for you by staffing the case with our lawyers and very capable staff. It is our goal to represent you to the fullest extent – being your advocate and taking on the wrongdoers regardless of how big, powerful, or mighty they might appear. We do it all on a contingency fee basis, which means we do not charge you any attorney’s fee unless we obtain a recovery for you.