My Workers’ Comp Was Denied, What’s Next?iStockPics_istock_denied

Not all injuries that occur at work are compensable.  If the mechanism of your injury does not satisfy the requirements set forth in the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act, your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier may deny your claim.

Unfortunately, workers’ compensation carriers cannot always be trusted to do the right thing by injured workers, and many times carriers deny compensable claims (you will know your claim is denied when you receive an North Carolina Industrial Commission Form 61).  That being said, a denial is not the end your claim.  You do have options.

If your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier issues a workers’ comp denial on your claim, call Campbell & Associates.  Our friendly staff are available to speak with you about your claim and evaluate its the merit.  If we determine that your claim is compensable, we can file an appeal, a Form 33, with the North Carolina Industrial Commission.  While filing a Form 33 will not change the posture of your claim (denied versus accepted), it will start your claim on the path toward an evidentiary hearing with a Deputy Commissioner at the North Carolina Industrial Commission, and ultimate resolution.

Campbell & Associates is here to make sure you get the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.  If you have been denied workers’ compensation benefits, or just have questions about your claim, call us today at 704-333-0885. With offices in Charlotte, Gastonia, Hickory and Rock Hill, SC we have legal assistance just a short distance away.

Written by: Spencer Hoisington, Associate Attorney, Campbell & Associates, Attorneys at Law