Xarelto is a prescription blood thinner used to help prevent blood clots in the deep veins, such as the lungs and legs. It works by blocking the enzyme required for blood to coagulate. Xarelto is an FDA approved drug for use in patients who have a risk of stroke, to reduce the risk of blood clots and for patients who have had hip replacement surgery or knee surgery. Generally, it’s approved for pulmonary embolism and vein thrombosis.

The Dangers of Xarelto

This drug may cause irreversible internal bleeding and lead to death or hospitalization. Uncontrolled bleeding is one of most severe side effects of Xarelto, and there is no known antidote for these bleeds. If bleeding occurs near a main organ, such as the kidneys or brain, blood flow can be impeded and result in lost function. Pools of blood can also cause other severe health risks, such as intrparenchymal and parenchymal hemmorrhages. Research has also determined that Xarelto may increase the risk of wound complications in hip replacement patients and knee surgery patients. These complications may require more surgery to treat.

Other Side Effects of Xarelto

Xarelto has a long list of common side effects, such as:patient talking with doctor

  • Bloody stools
  • Bladder dysfunction
  • Difficulty with breathing or swallowing
  • Nosebleeds
  • Coughing up blood
  • Paralysis
  • Vomiting

If you experience any of these side effects while taking Xarelto, you should contact your physician immediately.

Bayer is the manufacturer of Xarelto and has profited much from this drug. In the first quarter of 2016 alone, the company made $567 million. However, those injured by the drug claim that Bayer puts profit before safety, and former Xarelto users have filed a lawsuit against the company stating that they were not warned sufficiently in regard to the drug’s ris
k. Drugs like Warfarin are much safer, as supplements can be given to stop bleeding. Many have filed a lawsuit for financial hardship caused by ongoing medical care, emotional distress, the burden of funeral expenses and for releasing a dangerous drug. Without a doubt, Xarelto comes with many risks.

If you or a loved one developed complications from Xarelto, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact Campbell & Associates for a free case review. The attorneys at Campbell & Associates will protect your rights for compensation.