Being involved in any kind of a car accident is stressful. That stress is compounded when the other driver leaves the scene. This is true whether the driver hit your car in a parking lot, hit you when you were a pedestrian crossing a street or rammed into your car while you were driving. If this happens to you, a Charlotte, NC auto accident attorney may be able to help. But, there are also some steps you need to take that will help track down the culprit and assist you in collecting for your damages. Some of these steps are the same ones you need to take for any accidents.

Your Immediate Response

  • If possible, get the license plate number. Of course, if the car is gone, or you are too injured to look before the car escapes, you may not be able to do this.Hit and Run
  • Get a description of the car particularly the make, model and color of the car. Any other descriptive information will be important.
  • Do not wait in a dangerous area, such as in the lane where you were hit. Get to the side of the road or in a safe place while you wait for the police.
  • Do not follow or chase the driver. Wait for the police to arrive.

Get Witness Statements if Possible

Look to see if there are any witnesses. Get their contact information and try to get written statements from them.

Call the Police and Make a Report

It is a crime for a driver to leave the scene of an accident. Even if your information is sketchy, law enforcement will work to track down the driver. Many times, drivers leave the scene because they have a warrant for their arrest, were drunk, do not have a driver’s license or insurance and they do not want those facts to be discovered. On one hand, you may never find out who the driver was. On the other hand, the police will work to find the culprit.

Take Pictures of the Scene and of the Damage That Was Done

If you have a phone, you should be able to take photos. Take pictures of any damage to your car and of your injuries. Also take pictures of the scene.

Make Your Own Written Statement and Call Your Own Insurer

Write down everything you remember about the way the accident occurred. Then, call your own insurance agent.

Call a Personal Injury Attorney

Collecting from your own insurer based on your uninsured motorist coverage is sometimes difficult. North Carolina has specific rules applicable to hit and run crashes and one of our Charlotte, NC personal injury attorneys at Campbell & Associates will provide you a free consultation and case evaluation.