GenX Water ContaminationGenX Water Contamination

Recent reports show that the North Carolina area between Fayetteville and Wilmington which sources it drinking water from the Cape Fear Watershed is contaminated with the toxic chemical known as GenX or C6. This chemical is considered a PFOA (Perfluoroctanoic Acid) and is a byproduct when you make Teflon. PFOA’s are endocrine disruptors which can affect hormone levels and change the way the body develops along with causing serious illnesses such as liver illness, thyroid disease, and a wide range of cancers. The most common endocrine disruptor is BPA which has gotten a lot of attention over the years and has almost become extinct because of the negative side effects. While GenX Water Contamination affects everyone; babies, teens and adolescents are more affected as they are developing more rapidly and the American Cancer Society has a page dedicated to PFOA’s such as GenX and what you can do to try and lessen your risk to be exposed to them.

In 2016 a group of scientists had published an article stating that the the drinking water in and around Wilmington had been contaminated by GenX and they had followed the path of contamination to the source which was found to be the company named Chemours, which is related to the DuPont Company. As noted above GenX also goes by C6, and studies show that there is a strong similarity to a byproduct DuPont was releasing into the Ohio river called C8. After various lawsuits and a very large class action settlement, DuPont stopped producing the byproduct known as C8 as it was known to cause health problems, specifically cancer.

If you, your family or loved ones in the eastern part of North Carolina near the Cape Fear watershed and are use tap water as a source of drinking water, or cleaning food call us today. GenX water contamination is a serious problem that can affect everyone in it’s path and we want to do our part in helping the residents of the area stand up to big corporations and let them know that this is not something we will stand for. Call today for a free consultation, 704-333-0885. On the phone, immediate confidential free consultations available we will be visiting the area to meet with affected residents after signed up.