Boating AccidentsLiving in the Carolinas we are lucky to have such beautiful weather and a plentiful amount of water just a short distance away. Between the major lakes of Norman and Wylie, the rivers and tributaries that run into these lakes and the ocean just a short drive away there’s plenty of chances to jump on that boat and take it for a spin. Unfortunately with almost every fun activity there is often a dangerous element that can goes along with it. Boating accidents are very serious and when they do happen it can turn a day of fun in the sun out on the water into a life changing event.

Each year the amount of boating accidents seems to be declining in recent years which one can attribute to regulations being put in place and law enforcement stepping up efforts to curb unnecessary boating accidents on the water. In 2013, the United States Coast Guard recorded over 4,000 boating accidents resulting in 560 deaths and over 2,600 injuries to individuals who were on or near the vessel at the time of the boating accident; that number is down about 12% compared to 2012 according to the US Coast Guard.

When one thinks of boating accident the first thing that comes to mind is a boat hitting another boat or a boat hitting another object, in reality accidents go much deeper than boat vs. boat collisions. The majority of the fatalities involving a boating accident are the result of an individual drowning with almost 90% of those who drowned we’re not wearing a life preserver.

Here’s a list of the most common types of incidents classified as boating accidents that can occur:

  • Crashing Into Another Vessel
  • Flooding/Capsizing
  • Crashing Into Fixed Object/Land
  • Running Over Human
  • Skiing Mishap

While the above mentioned are just the types of boating accidents that can occur, the list of reasons those incidents occur can be lengthy. Some of the most common contributing factors for boating accidents can be seen below:

  • Drinking/Impairment
  • Operator Inexperience
  • Inattention
  • Improper Equipment Maintenance
  • Speeding
  • Weather

Most boating accidents produce injuries that are serious and often times life threatening. When you combine heavy machinery with vulnerable individuals and add variables such as a few beers or trying to be a little wild the consequences may be very serious. Many individuals suffer loss of limbs, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, other catastrophic injuries or death. It’s important to ensure that if you are going to be driving or riding as a passenger on a boat that the proper safety precautions are being followed regardless if you’re riding out on Lake Norman for the afternoon or taking a deep sea charter in the Outer Banks.

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