If you were injured as a passenger in a car accident, there are certain things you must do in order to receive compensation for your injuries. It can be somewhat complicated, but a Charlotte auto accident attorney at Campbell & Associates can help. Your attorney will obtain the police and investigative reports and obtain statements from those involved in the accident as well as witness statements. Who is responsible for your injuries will depend on the result of the investigation and who was at fault for the accident.

Claim for Damages Against the At-Fault Driver’s Insurance

Proving fault is often difficult. Under North Carolina law, if the driver of the car in which you were riding is in any way at fault for the accident, you will not be able to collect from the other driver or his/her insurance. Again, proving fault is a complex legal process and is something that you need to place in the capable hands of a car accident lawyer in North Carolina. If you are precluded from collecting from the other driver, you may need to file a claim for damages and the eventual lawsuit against the driver with whom you were a passenger.

Claim for Damages Against the Driver of the Car in Which You Were a Passenger

If the driver of the car you were riding in is found to be at fault for the accident, you can file a claim for damages against the driver’s insurance. Your claim will be limited to the amount of coverage the driver carries for each passenger. You should be able to receive compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Claim for Damages Against Your Own Insurance

You may be able to collect from your own policy for your medical expenses. Your own insurance likely will not compensate you for your lost wages or your pain and suffering. If you receive payment for your medical expenses under your own policy, and later collect from another entity for those same medical expenses, you will be expected to pay the amount back to your own insurance.

If you were a passenger who was injured in a car accident, contact us at Campbell & Associates for a consultation. We will evaluate the circumstances of your case and determine the best way to proceed in order to maximize your compensation. Your own health insurance may pay your medical bills and it may be possible to collect from more than one source.