Almost all personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation. They say they will review the circumstances of your particular situation and determine if you have a viable case. You should view this consultation as a two-way exchange and use the opportunity to ask some questions of the Charlotte personal injury lawyer who will be handling your case. Here are some suggestions.

1) What is the attorney’s main practice area?

You would not ask an obstetrician to take care of your broken leg. Though they are a doctor, they do not specialize in broken bones. The same is true of a lawyer taking care of your personal injury case. An attorney who focuses on corporate law and deals with contracts the majority of the time is not the best one to work on recovering damages you sustained in a car accident.

2) Does the attorney work on a contingency fee?

Although most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, some charge an hourly fee. Those who work on a contingency basis will clearly establish, in a written contract which you both sign, that the attorney receives a certain percentage of any money you receive whether by way of settlement or an award at trial.

3) Are there costs that are separate from the legal fee?

It needs to be clear that a legal fee is separate from costs. Costs include things like paying a court reporter to attend a deposition. Another example of costs, not fees, is copying costs for preparing documents to file in court and to send to opposing attorneys. Ask if you will be expected to pay the costs as they are incurred or if the attorney front the costs and get reimbursed from your percentage when the case is over.

4) Does the attorney have a track record of positive outcomes?

You want an attorney who is skilled in the courtroom as a trial attorney and has won a significant number of cases. An attorney who is willing to take the case to trial and has a track record of success is more likely to convince an insurance company to make a fair settlement offer.

If you or someone you love was injured in a vehicular accident, by medical malpractice, by a defective product or any other personal injury, contact us at Campbell & Associates in Charlotte. We offer a free consultation where we will review the facts of your case, advise you on how to proceed and answer any and all of your questions.