Unpaid Medical Bills & Collections in Workers’ Compensation

In an accepted workers’ compensation case, all related medical bills should be paid by the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier.  In theory, an injured worker should never see a medical bill much less hear from a collection agency chasing down an unpaid medical bill.  Unfortunately, in the world of workers’ compensation, rarely do things work as they should in theory.  Consequently, all too often, injured workers receive medical bills in the mail and calls from collection agencies that should have been paid by the workers’ compensation carrier.

The workers’ compensation Acts in both North Carolina and South Carolina have statutes that protect an injured worker from being harassed by medical billing departments and collection agencies.  These statutes make it unlawful for payment to be sought from an injured worker for medical bills related to an accepted workers’ compensation injury.  In fact, the Acts make it unlawful for collections to continue even when your workers’ compensation case has been denied.  They cannot pursue recovery until your case has been finally adjudicated.

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Written by Brad Smith, Workers Compensation Attorney, Campbell & Associates, Attorneys at Law