Pumpkins and HalloweenStay Safe This Halloween While Trick Or Treating

Once night a year tens of thousands of children across both North and South Carolina take part in the age old tradition of trick or treating. Kids of all ages dress up in their favorite character costume or something scary and go door to door reciting those three words in hopes to fill their pillow cases full of candy to take home and enjoy when the night is over.

While the popularity of trick or treating has declined over the past decade, the amount of incidents involving personal injuries to children and those out trick or treating has been on the climb recently. Governmental safety research gives some important insight into why children and adolescents trick or treating are more likely to suffer a personal injury or be killed on Halloween than any other normal night.

  1. Trick or Treaters usually take the shortest route from house to house to increase the area they can cover and get more candy. Unfortunately by not following normal pedestrian laws children and those accompanying them often put themselves in danger of being hit by a car.
  2. The excitement children experience during trick or treating can lead them to be oblivious to their surroundings and peripheral vision which is always important when you are a pedestrian, particularly while walking around in the dark!
  3. Children can often be distracted by all of the costumes and commotion going on around them causing them to not pay attention to normal risks.
  4. Children’s motor skills may not be as flawless as adults, so when crossing the street, often times they are unable to move as quickly as their parents or they may trip over their costumes or own feet.

Halloween Precautions

  • Wear some sort of reflective item or carry a light to let drivers spot you in dark areas
  • Write your children’s name, phone and address inside their costume in case they get lost
  • Stay away from houses with barking dogs or unsafe conditions
  • Teach trick or treaters to stay on sidewalks when possible and cross at the corner to avoid interfering with traffic
  • Look both ways, TWICE and listen for cars that may not be visible before crossing the street
  • Advise your children to not eat any candy prior to getting home so it can be checked

While most children are accompanied by their parents, there are often groups of kids and adolescents that go out with their friends. Whether you decide to go trick or treating with your child or let them loose with their friends, you should review the safety precautions with them to ensure they can avoid any tragedy.

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Written by: Michael Husted, Chief Operating Officer, Campbell & Associates, Attorneys at Law