Did you know workplace sexual harassment is one of the most prevalent forms of workplace discrimination. Sexual harassment is a type of workplace misconduct that violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It includes unsolicited sexual advances; verbal or bodily approach of requests for sexual favors that clearly or unconditionally influences an individual’s employment, creates a hostile, intimidating, disgusting work atmosphere or undermines an individual’s work performance. Campbell and Associates are on your side and defend those who have been a victim of workplace misconduct.

Most employees who experience workplace sexual harassment are usually overwhelmed and afraid to talk about it with their colleagues. However, if you’re experiencing sexual harassment at your place of work, you should know that you’re not alone and there are options for you out there.

Types of Workplace Sexual Harassment

There are two recognized types of sexual harassment:

One of these types is a Quid pro quo form of harassment which involves a person or authority usually a senior supervisor demands that his/her subordinates accept sexual harassment as a pre-condition of getting or keeping their rightful job or job benefits including promotions and raises. A single instance such as your boss demanding a kiss from you is enough to file a quid pro quo harassment claim.

The second type of sexual harassment is the hostile work environment purely based on sex and which is severe enough to create an offensive or abusive working environment. The court analyzes several factors in determining whether hostile environment harassment is valid. These factors include frequency of the conduct, whether the harassment was directed towards a single employee or several employees at the workplace, whether the said conduct was patently offensive or completely hostile, and whether other people took part in perpetrating the harassment.

Legal Assistance

Have you been through a workplace sexual harassment and you’re seeking legal assistance to file your claim? Contact Campbell and Associates today, and let us walk with you through the legal process until the time you get justice.