A male construction worker drilling in concrete.Whether or not to settle your North Carolina worker’s compensation case is a decision that involves multiple considerations and dimensions. Settling your case has its benefits and detriments, so before deciding whether you want to settle your case, you need to speak with a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer so that you are fully informed of the impact of your decision.

Settling a case can have a negative connotation since it insinuates giving up and taking whatever the other side gives you. However, this is not the truth in every case. In circumstances where an individual has a very weak case, settling may be the strongest option. If you have a great case and feel like you can get more than is being offered, settling may be a setback.

What Happens When You Settle?

Settling your case is not always a bad idea, but before ultimately coming to a decision, it is important to note the implications of settling versus trying your case at length. The following are a few of the consequences and benefits of settling your case:

  1. Ineligibility to receive benefits. As part of a workers’ compensation claim, employees can collect four kinds of benefits: weekly compensation, payment of medical bills, payment for permanent disability and rehabilitation services. By settling your worker’s compensation claim, you are in effect taking the settlement in lieu of these benefits, so you are no longer eligible to receive benefits such as weekly compensation.
  2. All settlements need to be approved. Just because you, your work injury attorney and the insurance company come to an agreement does not mean that the agreement will actually go through. The North Carolina Industrial Commission must sign off on every settlement arrangement to ensure that the result is just and fair. This is important to consider because the commission has the power to veto what would otherwise be a favorable agreement.

Whenever you are faced with the possibility of settling your workers’ compensation claim, think about not only your current needs, but also what your needs may be in the future based on the type of injury involved. Handling a workers’ compensation claim should never be done alone. There are excellent lawyers in Charlotte that specialize in worker’s compensation claims, and they are ready to work for you. Contact Campbell & Associates today for a free consultation with a work injury attorney you can trust.