My Case Is Settled; How Is My Settlement Disbursed?

  • After your case is settled with the insurance company they will forward a check to us.  It usually takes the insurance company 2 or 3 weeks to complete their process and send us the check.
    • This waiting period is often an anxious waiting game for clients because they have agreed to the settlement amount, but now we must wait for the checks to be delivered by mail.
  • The insurance company will issue the settlement check payable to you and to our firm.  This means that you must sign the check and a representative of our firm must sign the check in order for it to be valid.
    • There are instances when an insurance company will want to directly pay a medical provider and in those cases they will issue a separate check to that provider.
  • Once we receive the check from the insurance company, we will have you come into our office to endorse it.  We will also have you sign a settlement memo stating that you agree to the settlement.
    • Sometimes, clients have signed a POA (Power of Attorney) that gives us the authorization to endorse the check and deposit on their behalf.  This can be a beneficial service to those whose circumstance require special handling.
  • Once signed by all parties, the check is deposited into our trust account.  The State Bar of North Carolina requires us to open a trust account to deposit funds that belong to both us and our clients.
  • We give the check three days to clear the bank and then we release “distribution checks”.
    • These checks include the check that you will receive for your portion of the settlement.  There are also checks created for our fees and checks to any third-parties that may need to be paid out of the remaining proceeds.

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Written by: Dawn Thacker, Financial Operations Manager, Campbell & Associates, Attorneys at Law