According to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, in 2014, there were 226,552 vehicle crashes reported with 1,277 people killed and another 110,525 folks injured, some so seriously their lives will never again be the same. Many car accidents are caused by driver negligence.

Statistics show the number of accidents attributable to drinking alcohol, distracted driving or other causes. Missing from most statistical analysis is the number of accidents caused by consumers who overlook certain car problems, putting their own lives in danger as well as the lives of others. Some basic maintenance failures that can lead to accidents include, but are not limited to, the following.

Tire Problems

Driving on bad tires can lead to blowouts and serious accidents. Here are specific issues than need to be addressed.worn tire

  • Underinflated tires: points out that underinflated tires swell when cars are traveling at highway speeds, particularly during hot weather, making them prone to blowouts. Blowouts can cause a driver to lose control and cause serious accidents.
  • Worn tread: There is no traction when there is no tread. If a driver drives through a puddle or across wet pavement, it is just skimming and there is no steering or braking control.
  • Old tires: No matter how good the tread, tires over six or seven years old, even if they look brand new, should be replaced. The death of well-known actor, Paul Walker, in a car crash is said to have been partly caused by driving on nine-year-old tires. The California Highway Patrol said that driving on the old tires may have “compromised their drivability and handling characteristics.”

Brake Issues

Drivers who cannot stop their cars cause devastating car crashes to all involved, including the driver. A little attention is all it takes to keep the brakes in good driving condition.

  • Low brake fluid: Brake fluid should be completely changed every four or five years to prevent corrosion. The fluid must be regularly checked. A sudden drop in fluid indicates a problem that must be immediately addressed.
  • Brake pads and brake shoes need to be replaced: These, and other components of the braking system, need to be replaced periodically. Signs of worn brakes are: the car pulling to one side when the driver attempts to stop, the brake pedal goes too far to the floor, there are sounds of scraping metal when braking.

Knowing that a tragic accident could have been prevented with proper auto maintenance can be devastating. If you were injured, or someone you love killed, by a driver whose negligent care of their auto caused the accident, contact Charlotte NC personal injury attorneys at Campbell & Associates for a free consultation.