All North Carolina patients who received a recalled pain killing medication may contract meningitis, as part of a growing nationwide outbreak of meningitis. The meningitis outbreak has been linked to an injectable painkiller made by New England Compounding, called methylprednisolone acetate.

The medication is being blamed for 119 confirmed cases of deadly meningitis and at least 11 deaths across the USA.  Over 13,000 persons may have been infected after being injected with the painkiller. The incubation period can be as short as few days up to more than 90 days.

The steroid is used to manage back pain, and although the people in North Carolina who received the medication have been notified, many need to contact a lawyer for full redress and compensation. Campbell & Associates is ready, willing, and able to help victims.

meningitis outbreakSome of the symptoms include persistent headaches, stiff neck, and sensitivity to light and sound. Even though doctors say this type of meningitis is not contagious, the complications it comes with are critical and potentially fatal.

According to the New York Times: “Some doctors and clinics have turned away from major drug manufacturers and have taken their business to so-called compounding pharmacies, like New England Compounding, which mix up batches of drugs on their own, often for much lower prices than major manufacturers charge — and with little of the federal oversight of drug safety and quality that is routine for the big companies. ‘The Food and Drug Administration has more regulatory authority over a drug factory in China than over a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts,’ said Kevin Outterson, an associate professor of law at Boston University.”

Under North Carolina law, the manufacturers of the drug and all who prescribed it or distributed it are potentially liable to victims for compensation for their injuries. At Campbell & Associates, we represent victims of negligence and fight to get them the compensation they deserve, all backed by our no recovery, no fee guarantee.