Medical Providers. Who Are All These Companies?

In the world of personal injury claims, the partnerships between a hospital and their speciality practices seems to change quite a bit. It’s often more economical for many medical providers to sub out smaller trades around the hospital to allow them to focus medical attention on other areas of medical management. Just as many contracts expire, when a medical facility and their sub contracted medical provider cannot reach an agreement, the medical facility will change who they will be using for certain areas of service such as Emergency Room Physicians and Management.

Anytime medical providers change, it can slow down the movement of your personal injury case, because often times we are not notified immediately of these changes and we have to submit requests multiple times to different providers in order to track down the injured parties bills and records from their visit to the medical provider.

Most recently, this type of change happened with Caromont Regional Medical Center and their prior emergency physician provider EMP of Gaston County. Caromont changed to ApolloMD Business Services, LLC in September of this year. This article goes over the change more in depth. When coming in for your initial intake, it is always important to review all of your billing statements that you have received as the information noted on those bills is vital to ensuring the accuracy of what the “medical specials” will ultimately be viewed at.

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Written by: Joe Lundy, Medical Records, Campbell & Associates, Attorneys at Law