At the conclusion of part 1, the insurance adjuster had responded to the demand letter sent by your personal injury attorney. The adjuster had questioned several aspects of your claim and made a counter settlement offer much lower than what you requested in your demand letter. The next step is to reply to the adjuster’s response.

Reply to Adjuster’s Initial Response

In your response, you reply to the challenges to your claim made by the adjuster in the response letter. For example, reiterate the insured is at fault for your injuries, the severity of your injuries and point out that all treatment was medically necessary. If medical experts have offered an opinion about how your future will be impacted due to your injuries, those opinions should be referenced again.

This is a time in the negotiation process to slightly lower your settlement demand. However, you shouldn’t lower it to the level suggested in the adjuster’s response letter. Adjusters almost always increase their offer after the first one is refused.

Sometimes, adjusters are motivated to increase their offer so they can close the case and mark it settled. It may take time, but negotiations will continue until an agreement has been reached. If it becomes clear that no settlement can be agreed upon, your attorney will pursue your case in court.

When the Adjuster Makes the First Offer

In some circumstances, the insurance adjuster makes an offer before you do. If the offer is anywhere near what your personal injury attorney and you have determined your case is worth, asking for a bit more than the adjuster’s first offer may culminate in a settlement that both you and the insurance company view as fair.

Put the Settlement Terms in Writing

When an agreement has been reached, all the terms of the settlement should be put in writing including:

  • The exact dollar amount of the settlement.
  • What specific injuries the settlement is expected to cover.
  • The date upon which you will receive compensation.

The written agreement will be signed and dated by you and the insurance adjuster.

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