What is a HIPAA?

In the multitude of forms that you receive when signing up with our firm, you will notice that there is a form that is called the HIPAA form.  This form is the key to allowing your attorney the ability to obtain your health information with regards to the numerous types of treatment that a client can undergo while recovering from injuries that he or she may have sustained in a motor vehicle accident, dog bite, or any other personal injury claim that is being made.

So what exactly does HIPAA stand for and why was it created?

In long, HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act. HIPAA was actually instituted by the federal government back in 1996 as a way to prevent unauthorized access to your medical records. This act required this additional form to be submitted, with your signature in order to allow others to access your medical information on your behalf. This document is exceptionally if you were to ever need a lawyer and/or medical professional. Without this form, no one else has access to your records.

When filling out this form, it is very important that you read and understand that all documented information on it is correct (i.e. Date of Birth, Social Security Number, and Full Name. If anything differs from what is on your records, those requests can be denied by the health provider and most likely will be sent back to the requestor to get the corrections made.  This is done solely to protect your information, and keep any medical history you have confidential until said form is approved by the provider and thus allowing your health information to be forwarded to our office for review and inclusion in your personal injury claim.

Any discrepancies can and will lead to delays in moving your case along in obtaining your medical treatment records so that they can be reviewed by your attorney and sent to the insurance company for settlement consideration.

What are some common issues?

The most common discrepancies are misspelling of names (first and last), errors in date of birth, and even errors in social security number sequences.  So, make sure you are reviewing this document before submitting, and remember that this form is intended to be a security measure so that only Campbell & Associates has access to the information that is so vital to allowing us to maximize your case.

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Written by: Joe Lundy, Health Information Management