What steps do I take after getting hurt on the job?

Every day hundreds of employees across the United states are getting hurt on the job. Whether it’s a small injury that can be fixed in a short amount of time or a more serious injury that may require you to be out of work for years there are important steps that need to be followed after getting hurt on the job.

Below is a quick list of tips that you should consider if you suffer an on the job accident and need to consider hiring a workers’ compensation attorney.

  1. Reporting. It is imperative that you report your injury to your employer and seek appropriate medical attention. Reporting in a timely manner will ensure that your employer direct you to a health care facility that is designated for injuries sustained while at work. You should not just report this to your direct manager, but if possible every step needs to be made to notify the upper management or human resources so that proper protocol can be followed. A written statement is often a recommended way to notify management after getting hurt on the job.
  2. Notifying. Once you start treating with a doctor be sure to tell them that your injury is related to work. You will need to provide the name of your employer so your treatment can be billed as a worker’s compensation claim..
  3. Follow Doctors Orders. Now, most importantly, you need to follow your doctor’s instructions in order to get better and get yourself back to the health you were in before the injury occurred.

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Written by: Whitney Walker, Workers’ Compensation Assistant, Campbell & Associates, Attorneys at Law