For avid motorbike enthusiasts, riding is a year-round sport. Winter is a particularly fun season to ride during, as it provides cooler temperatures and different scenery, but riders have to be cautious when going out in winter. The same aspects that make winter a joy to ride are also potential dangers. We at Campbell & Associates see a lot of people who have been involved in accidents that were affected by these dangers. We want everyone to have an accident-free winter, and we’ve have collected a few tips to help motorbikers stay safe.

Dress for Colder Temperatures

The cold weather of winter can cause numbness, frostbite and hypothermia. Temperatures don’t even need to be below freezing for bikers to feel sub-zero wind chills that cred motorbike with snowan cause all of these effects.

Make sure you’re prepared for colder temperatures by donning season-appropriate weather. Instead of leather, which can become stiff when it’s cold out, look for fabrics that are insulating and block the wind. There are several good textiles to choose from. Also look for jackets that let you seal the neck and arm holes tightly so that no wind sneaks in through them. Of course, you’ll need gloves, warm socks and other winter gear, as well.

Watch for Ice and Snow

Winter weather conditions can create slippery riding conditions. Snow, ice and freezing rain can all create slippery spots, and black ice is almost always a threat when temperatures are below zero.

Watch for potentially slippery conditions whenever you’re riding in the winter. Keep an eye out even if it’s not currently snowing or raining, as melting snow and ice can trickle into the road and refreeze. Additionally, remember that bridges will freeze before roads do when it’s cold out.

If the weather’s particularly bad one day, delay your riding until the roads are clear. At least wait for plows to sand or salt the roads. Better yet, enjoy your day doing
something else and take the motorbike out after the precipitation is off the road.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water is always important, but it’s especially important during winter. During winter, it’s easy to not drink as much water as you normally would, because you don’t often become hot. Dehydration is just as much a threat during winter as it is during summer. Drink water regularly to keep yourself alert and help your body stay warm.

Let Us Help

Unfortunately, accident rates sometimes increase during winter even when these precautions are taken. If you’re in a motorbiking accident this winter, don’t hesitate to contact our personal injury lawyers. At Campbell & Associates, we’re an experienced motorcycle accident attorney practice. We’ll gladly review the circumstances surrounding your accident to help determine whether someone else might have been responsible for it.