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What is Subrogation?

What Is Subrogation? Subrogation refers to the process an insurance company uses to seek reimbursement from the responsible party for a claim it has already paid. Subrogation matters to you if: You have a covered loss, and you submit a claim to your insurance company, but another party is actually responsible for all or part Read More What is Subrogation?

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After Injury

After Personal Injury, What Do I Do? We know after an injury you may have one or all of the following feelings: frustrated, angry, anxious, confused, worried, frightened, overwhelmed. There are many other words and feelings to describe all that results when your life has been unexpectedly interrupted by an event that was unwanted and not your Read More After Injury

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Trick Or Treating

Stay Safe This Halloween While Trick Or Treating Once night a year tens of thousands of children across both North and South Carolina take part in the age old tradition of trick or treating. Kids of all ages dress up in their favorite character costume or something scary and go door to door reciting those three words Read More Trick Or Treating

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Attorney Consultation

What’s All Involved In Initial Attorney Consultation? An initial attorney consultation is when you make an appointment to come into our office and meet with one our knowledgeable attorneys or paralegals after you have been injured because of some sort of personal injury. This injury could be from an car wreck, workers’ compensation accident, dog Read More Attorney Consultation

How Are My Car Insurance Rates Determined?

How Are Your Car Insurance Rates Determined? Last week we discussed the car insurance marketplace, the types of insurance coverages that are most common and what they really mean. This week we will be taking it a step further and learning how your car insurance rates are determined. Car insurance companies have a highly analytical department called Read More How Are My Car Insurance Rates Determined?

Getting The Right Car Insurance

Getting The Right Car Insurance This can be a loaded topic and one that often gets overlooked because everyone wants a screaming deal. For example, if a vendor on the right is offering you a hamburger for $5.00 and the vendor on the left is offering you a hamburger for $2.00 more often than not you Read More Getting The Right Car Insurance

Punitive Damages in North Carolina (Part 2)

Punitive Damages in North Carolina Personal Injury Claims (Part 2) Part 1 of this article discussed what a plaintiff needs to prove to pursue punitive damages under North Carolina law.  This part of the article will discuss the types of acts that have been deemed egregious under North Carolina law and explore how punitive damages Read More Punitive Damages in North Carolina (Part 2)

Can Getting Married Affect My SSI Payments?

Can Getting Married Affect my SSI Payments? What is SSI? Title XVI Benefits, better known as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provide assistance to aged, blind, and disabled people who have minimum to no income or resources. SSI benefits are available to those individuals who have been found disabled under the Social Security Administrations guideline. The Read More Can Getting Married Affect My SSI Payments?

Punitive Damages in North Carolina

Punitive Damages in North Carolina (Part 1) This is “Part One” of a two-part article regarding the law of punitive damages in North Carolina.  An understanding of the law governing punitive damages in North Carolina is always helpful in evaluating a claim.  The threat of a legitimate punitive damage claim will typically increase the case Read More Punitive Damages in North Carolina

Lost Wages

Lost Wages: What Does It All Mean? Do I have a claim for the wages I lost when I could not work after a car accident? If you were injured in a car accident as a result of the fault of the other driver, you may have a claim for the wages you lost while Read More Lost Wages