Muscular Dystrophy Association is dedicated to curing muscular dystrophy, ALS and other neuromuscular diseases. At the same time, the Association provides health care and support services for people living with these diseases.

The Lock-Up is MDA’s premier fundraising program. Campbell and Associates employee, Corene Justice, agreed to be “put behind bars for good,” where she utilized co-workers, family, and friends to get donations that went towards her “bail.” Each Jailbird has weeks to raise their donations. All funds raised by the MDA Lock-Up assist the Association in providing lifesaving research, a nationwide network of medical clinics and accessible summer camp experiences to individuals and families affected by neuromuscular diseases.

Corene has been involved in the MDA lockup for the past two years and couldn’t think of a better organization to raise money for.   “The “bail” that I raised will directly help local children attend our MDA Camp and it also provides funding for our local clinic, research, local services and support groups for all 43 of the diseases that MDA covers, including ALS.  MDA also hosts camp experiences for children ages 6-17, who are living with neuromuscular disease.  It is a place where children with disabilities just get to be kids among friends.  Many of them claim that it is “better than Easter, Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one” Said Campbell and Associates employee Corene Justice.   The total amount collected in Catawba County was $70K.