Bicycle SidewalkBicycle Safety Tips – What To Keep In Mind On The Road

Fall is finally here in Charlotte, which means beautiful weather. Once the weather turns cooler many of us spend more time on our bicycles.  Cycling has been increasing its popularity over the years with people enjoying short trips through their neighborhoods or longer journeys for miles and miles.  With the increased number of cyclists on the road, unfortunately, there is an increase of injuries to these cyclists.

Here’s a list of bicycle safety tips:

  • Wear a Bicycle Helmet.  Bicyclists under the age of 16 must wear a helmet. Helmets reduce the risk of brain injury.
  • Proper Bicycle Lights. For riding after dark, have a headlight that can be visible to at least 300 feet, and reflectors for the back.
  • Ride on the Right. Ride in the same direction as other vehicles. Go with the flow; not against it.
  • Signs & Signals. Must obey all normal traffic laws and signs. Use signals to tell motorists, pedestrians, and other cyclists what you intend to do.
  • Proper Maintenance. Make sure your brakes are working, your seat is adjusted, and your tires are inflated.
  • Stay Visible. Wear reflective clothing so you will be noticed to motorists.
  • Stay Alert. Be cautious of potholes, loose gravel, glass, etc.

For more information on Bike Safety check out the North Carolina Bicycle and Pedestrian Laws manual where you can find a comprehensive guide to biking and pedestrian safety. Don’t let the possibility of a bicycle accident discourage you from enjoying the many benefits that come along with bicycling. With the proper safety, concentration on the road, and respect for the laws your chances being involved in an accident are greatly reduced.

If you are unfortunate you are hit by a negligent driver, seek legal advice from a qualified attorney.  At Campbell & Associates we can help you if you’ve suffered a personal injury as a result of a bicycle accident and help you get back on your feet. For a free consultation give us a call at 704-333-0885, or visit our bicycle accident attorney page.

Written by: Ashly Austin, Administrative Assistant, Campbell & Associates, Attorneys at Law