School buses are back on the roads.  Young drivers are heading to school with siblings and friends.  This creates additional traffic snarl and inexperienced decisions at high speeds. Leave a safe following distance and time to make your destination without pushing the speedometer over the limit.  Plug your tunes in before you back out of your driveway. Text and talk when you arrive, not during your journey.  And, remember, buses stop at railroad crossings, to let kids on and off and for a ‘full stop’ at stop signs.  You need to do the same.  There is a hefty fine for passing a stopped school bus, and with good reason.  The lives of the school children riding the bus depend on all of us observing the rules of the road.  Buckle up and keep alert.  We want good grades and healthy children.  Campbell & Associates supports our community’s children in their endeavors.  Good luck this year at school!