We all want ‘full coverage’ on our vehicles but need to be specific with our insurance agents about the optional coverages available.  For instance, if you are driving without medical payments coverage on your vehicle and are at fault in an accident, you will have no help with medical bills from your vehicle insurance policy.  Medical Payments coverage is an optional dollar per dollar reimbursement for the reasonable medical expenses associated with care for your accident injuries.  It is a no-fault coverage and generally attaches to each occupant of the insured vehicle.  Even if you are not at fault, your coverage will apply to pay for medical expenses to the extent of the purchased coverage.

It is a great idea to review your declarations page to see if you have this coverage and if so, in what dollar amount.  If you don’t have this coverage or want to increase your coverage, call your agent today.  Waiting until you need it to check it out is just too late.