perscription-medicationWhat is ACTOS?

   ACTOS is a is an oral prescription drug that contains Pioglitazone Hydrochloride & is prescribed to help lower blood glucose in people with diabetes. This medication is manufactured by Takeda pharmaceuticals and was approved by the FDA in July of 1999. There has been a link between ACTOS and bladder cancer in diabetic individuals who had taken the medicine to help with their glucose levels.



How do I know if I took ACTOS? 

  •   You will need to either contact the pharmacy or pharmacies where you have had your medication filled or your doctor.  Both should have a list of the medications you have taken in the past & present.

What if I don’t know when I took ACTOS but I know I took it?

  • The best option is to call any pharmacy that filled prescriptions for you.  You can obtain a summary of the medication you took, when you took them & how much you took.

I took ACTOS in the past.  Does that mean that I will have bladder cancer?

  • Not necessarily, however; if you are experiencing symptoms such as blood in your urine, abdominal pain, frequent or painful urination, fatigue or weight loss, early detection is vital to increasing the odds of successfully fighting bladder cancer.  You need to consult with your medical doctor to address any issues or concerns you have.  Bladder cancer is more common in men than women.  According to the National Cancer Institute Bladder cancer estimates for this year (2014)reveal that 15,580 American lives will be lost & 74,690 Americans will be diagnosed.

If I have bladder cancer & I took ACTOS do I have a case?

It is likely that you may be entitled to compensation.  You need to contact our office immediately to discuss your case.

Has ACTOS been recalled?

NO.  The manufacturer has not stopped making ACTOS & it has not been recalled or taken off the market.

Do I have to pay attorney fees upfront?

NO.  There are some scams on the internet so you need to be weary.  You should NOT be paying any money upfront.  We have free legal consultation & would be happy to sit down & discuss your case with you.



Written by Corene Justice, Case Manager Hickory Office, Campbell & Associates, Attorneys at Law