Getting Into A Car Rental After An Auto AccidentRental Cars

One of the most frustrating factors of being involved in an auto accident is property damage.  After an accident, even if it seems clear that you are not at fault, an insurance company has to complete a full investigation which can take up to several weeks.   Until a liability decision is made, insurance companies will not provide you any benefits. This means you may find yourself having to front some of the expenses and/or file on your own policy until a liability decision is made.  If you do file on your own insurance, once liability is accepted by the at fault insurance, your carrier will send a subrogation demand requesting to be reimbursed any expenses they paid.

If it has been deemed that your vehicle is not safe to drive and you do have rental coverage through your own carrier, you can simply contact your carrier, advise them of the incident and explain that liability is pending and that you would like them to set you up in a rental.  Make sure to confirm with your adjuster what exactly will be covered since there are usually policy limits you must adhere to.

If you do not have rental coverage you can opt to pay out of pocket but there are several things to keep in mind.

  • There are always policy limits that apply to rental vehicles.  This will typically limit the type of rental so even if you are paying out of pocket; confirm with the liability adjuster what they will reimburse you for IF liability is accepted.
  • Know that they typically only cover the vehicle.  If you opt to purchase additional insurance through the rental company and/or have gas charges, you will probably not be reimbursed for these expenses.
  •  Although your car may be damaged, if it considered “drivable”, make sure to discuss obtaining a rental with the adjuster as the insurance company may not reimburse you for a rental.

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Written by: Karen Alicea, Remote Case Management Department Head