As drivers, it is wise to do all that we can to make sure that whenever we get behind the wheel we exercise caution, drive safely and obey the laws of the road.

Sadly, even when following the law and driving safely, there are some common accidents that are unavoidable and unforeseeable. However, other accidents are caused by driver negligence, sparking lawsuits and the need to consult North Carolina injury attorneys to battle it out in court. Accidents such as these can be avoided by exercising caution and by obtaining knowledge of the potential dangers that exist out on the road today.

Common Causes of Motorist Accidents

The following are the most common causes of accidents today:

  1. Distracted driving. Many drivers attempt to multitask while driving, and this divergence in attention can easily lead to an accident. This includes trying to send a text, playing around with friends, talking on the phone or anything that can divert your attention from the road. All it takes is a split second to cause a serious accident.
  2. Fatigue. Driving when you feel sleepy or tired in any way is not only dangerous for the motorists, but also for others on the road.
  3. Speeding. The faster you drive, the more difficult it becomes to stop when faced with an unexpected obstacle on the road. Driving within the speed limit ensures that you can maintain proper control of your vehicle while on the road.
  4. Drunk driving. Driving under the influence inhibits the ability to make sound decisions on the road and operate a vehicle safely. Most of your normal faculties are affected, making driving safely very difficult while drunk.
  5. Failure to wear a seat belt. By not wearing a seat belt, you put yourself at risk for more severe injuries in the event you get into an accident. Seat belts help minimize injuries and should be worn whenever you are operating a vehicle or riding in a vehicle.
  6. Careless driving. Drivers in a rush tend to drive erratically, endangering themselves and others on the road.
  7. Weather. Slippery roads and decreased visibility are two of the many ways that weather can make driving conditions very dangerous, ultimately increasing the likelihood of a driver to get into an accident.
  8. Disobeying traffic laws. Running red lights and stop signs are sure-fire ways to cause accidents. Other drivers will not expect a driver to drive through them and doing so is extremely dangerous.
  9. Tailgating. Driving too close to another driver makes it very difficult to brake in time to prevent a collision in the event of an unexpected stop.
  10. Defects. Some accidents are truly unavoidable as there may be a defect with the manufacturing of a vehicle that interferes with the normal operation of the vehicle.

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Image Courtesy of: Flickr